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Les Roberts

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Les Roberts

Photography to me is a form of self-expression, whether it is the recording of an image in an unusual way, or as at present...

Olivier Polmanss

Design to you means... Give emotions through products and give a meaning to products.When I create... A quest of absolute...Furniture is... Everywhere! So, better to make it...

Ben Wayman – Kitsuné

A project means a chance to learn something new – a good one is always worth more than the sum of its parts.When I...

Thierry Bernard-Gotteland

Installation art to you means The process of gathering mixed-media techniques in the production of an alien creature. When I frame the image of...

Karine Guillermin – Upopo O Hana Spirit

What’s the moment that you like during creating? All phases of creations are important, I like when I start a new creation, but I also...