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Yanneth Albornoz

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Illustration means to me: My language, my other voice.

When I create: It is like transferring energy in other forms, see things happening… it is interesting.

A canvas is: The hard drive of my mind and my heart.

Painting means to me: It is that time of the year…

When I paint: It is un-easy at the beginning. In the end, I ask myself why I stopped in the first place.

A brush is: Not to be understood or tamed

Hola, my name is Yanneth, I was made in the Republic of Panama. I grew up in the Panama Canal Zone. Watching big ships passing by and waving to strangers. Listening to the Fleetwood Mac and Madonna through the American Military radio station. I used to climb my favourite tree, an avocado tree (before they were so hipster).

I grew up between Chile and Ecuador. I was being hosted by people in their houses, small hotel rooms and one Hare Krishna temple. I returned to my country at the age of 14.

Then I started working in a weekly newspaper. I was creating caricatures stories of social matter for a period of 5 years. Me, now? well… I live my life doing all I love to do. I have made my lifestyle part of my creative process.

It is a way to find more experiences that enrich the insights for my clients and my own artistic proposal. Brandfulness is my own branding trademark. Brandfulness creates brands from their core honest essence. I guide brands to identify important aspects that will lead to their growth based on their own uniqueness.

In between, I am surfing around Sri Lanka, Panama, Bali and Vietnam. I am always looking forward to finding more destinations. I use to grab whatever I can use to express myself.

My first camera was a “Polaroid style” camera I made by myself. I drew it on a piece of paper and cut it out and stapled it together. I inserted the “Polaroid photos” inside. I started taking portraits of strangers and friends of my father I found in his workplace. When I gave them the instant photo, the portrait was a drawing that I had already made.

It would be a drawing of a cockroach or a cricket or a cat or something like that. People used to laugh a lot. So I was a photographer AND a portrait artist. I was about 5 or 6 years old at that time. I am a person who does not attach to anything, not a medium neither a style or a pencil. I do how I feel. I find elements around and I use them.

I am a person who does not attach to anything, not a medium neither a style or a pencil. I do how I feel. I find elements around and I use them.

I often do not plan anything I do, I flow in what I feel and I express the way that is developing. The first time I arrived in Vietnam I was pretty shocked. I had already travelled and lived in some countries but never to Asia, and it taught me a big lesson of being humble.

I find it fascinating every single element that was totally new and even nonsense to me. Little plastic bags to put the fish sauce. Tons of ice for a glass of Nuoc Mia (sugar cane juice) and maybe 3 or 4 drop of Nuoc Mia. The Banh Bao for me was like a surprise box. You got this thick layer of dough and then you find a little tiny egg inside. OMG. It blew my mind! and I loved it.

I just felt I had landed in the perfect place to continue my crazy life story. I embrace it. Just the way I see things…I am not intending to say or send any message intentionally. I just see life with humour and a bit of sarcasm. I think I learned to bring a funny side to reality. The base of most of what I do is to create concepts and twisted point of view. A flowing expression. Not planned. I only plan very carefully the communication I create for my clients in brand creation. I find a balance between being an artist and a brand creator (I write about it in my LinkedIn articles).

I am not fixed on anything. I have not even asked myself what inspires me. Yet, I know that by nature I am a curious explorer. A person who will open the doors. Climbing the tree to find out how things look from that side. I will choose the destination at the last minute. I will become the best friend for one day to a stranger. I will be the person who’s pushing the red button (unintentionally he he he). and then say… I’m sorry. But, I promise I will make it look like a piece of art 🙂

I love obstacles, detours, closed doors, change of paths. I find it fascinating when LIFE changes my “little plan”. Life is more powerful and I don’t fight with her. I am a surfer and I learned to take the wave and surf gracefully.

Before, when “obstacles” happened I used to ask “why this?”, “why that?”. Now, I am not judging the moment and the elements in it. I am shifting into “surprise me” mode. More and more, obstacles are symbols to me, messages and signs.

Obstacles are my guides. I think illustration is just a tool for me. I love to be able to express myself, not attached to illustration or painting or anything. Just freedom to express. Illustration is like my therapist at times, my best friend as well. I process my mind through images and illustrations, not much words. mmm… Well, now that I read it myself, I think, yes, I am in love with illustration (sniff). Sorry, I was in denial, I love you!

I do not have a person to get inspired by. I get fascinated by life itself. I love surfing and nature, I love the simple things and the complexity behind that. The presence of my father is as well very impactful in some ways. I wish he can see or feel all my adventures.

My hardest time was creating and be responsible to deliver work while processing the passing of my father. I see myself travelling between Germany, Panama and islands in Asia. Surfing great waves and sharing with other sea creatures. But, let’s see what life has prepared for me.

I will update you in another interview about where I am. I can say this and that. For me, the destination is not as important as the process. Seek inward, trust your path, un-layer your voice, that is, if you want, of course (smiling) If you want to go to McDonald’s. Well, go.


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